How to Encourage Customers to Get Furnace Cleaning Services

As is the case for any business that is revolved around the home services industry, developing a solid base of customers is often the hardest part. For a company that provides cleaning and maintenance of HVAC systems and furnaces, it is often a challenge to convince customers that the service is something they need, not something they can request each time something goes wrong with their HVAC system or furnace. While your company would be happy to provide repair services, it is also important to push customers towards getting maintenance on their furnaces at least a couple of times a year. But how can a company convince customers about the importance of furnace cleaning and maintenance?


Instead of approaching the problem from any other angle, it is a good idea to play up the safety issue associated with unmaintained furnaces. Usually it is not the best idea to talk to customers about disaster situations involving something they own, but in the case of a furnace, it is very important to inform them about what can go wrong if their furnace has not been properly cleaned or maintained for a year or more. They need to know about the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning when the furnace is not running appropriately.

For instance, not many customers know about the many ways carbon monoxide can get produced by a furnace system that is not operating correctly. They are unaware of how a crack in the combustion chamber, lack of airflow, the wrong type of gas pressure, poor ventilation and the safety devices not working properly could all result in carbon monoxide being produced. When it is laid out to them in simple terms, they are far less likely to put off an overdue furnace cleaning. No one wants their family to get in contact with carbon monoxide because they were trying to save a few dollars on furnace maintenance services.

Financial Benefits

The second angle to use is to play up the financial advantages of getting furnace cleaning services. Customers are worried about spending money on furnace maintenance services, but if they knew that a properly running furnace results in lower energy bills throughout the winter, every person in your area who has a furnace would be lining up for your services at the start of winter. Tell your customers that the amount they are paying you is far less than the increase in their energy bills that will result from their poorly maintained furnace.

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