Five Signs That Your Furnace Needs Attention

Your furnace doesn’t need to stop working for you to do some repair/maintenance work. Furnaces which are still working may still need some attention if they exhibit some signs. To get the best out of your furnace, you have to conduct regular service/maintenance work. It’s also advisable to pay attention to common signs of trouble. Below are five signs that your furnace needs attention.

Sign 1: Increasing heating bill

This has to be the most common sign of furnace problems. Efficient electric furnaces don’t consume a lot of power so, if your heating bill starts rising significantly, take action immediately. Like any other appliances/machines, furnaces become inefficient when they are worn out or when they start malfunctioning. To compensate for the inefficiency, you may be forced to raise your thermostat setting which in turn increases the amount of power you use for heating. If your heating bill increases drastically, call a HVAC expert immediately. Furnaces perform inefficiently because of many things the most common being leaky ducts or clogged air filters.

Sign 2: Unusual noises

Furnaces are generally noisy so pay attention to strange noises. If you hear any unusual banging, squealing or whining noises originating from your furnace, take immediate action. These kinds of unusual noises are signs of common furnace problems such as worn out parts, loose belt/s and igniting problems. Furnaces have many moving parts which tend to malfunction with time, and such malfunctions are usually depicted as unusual noises. The noises could also be an indication of serious problems such as malfunctioning blower motor so, never ignore unusual noises.

Sign 3: Inconsistent heating

You also need to repair or replace your furnace if you don’t enjoy consistent heating. A furnace that takes long to heat or stops heating after some time needs immediate attention. Inconsistent heating is a sign of leaks or malfunctioning/broken parts. You may have a broken thermostat, an ignition problem, malfunctioning distribution fan motor, faulty wiring, leaky ducts among other problems. Inconsistent heating problems should be dealt with immediately before they worsen. Furnaces that have trouble providing consistent heat tend to suffer worse problems over time.

Sign 4: Increased production of harmful gasses

Furnaces which use fossil fuel produce carbon monoxide (CO) gas. A furnace that is working properly shouldn’t produce excessive quantities of CO gas. If your carbon monoxide detector keeps going off, this is a sure sign that the furnace has malfunctioned. You may also be having leaky duct problems. CO gas can cause death when inhaled for a long time. So, take action immediately if you detect higher CO levels.

Sign 5: Frequent breakdown/repairs

You also need to take action if you notice your furnace keeps breaking down. Although hiring professional furnace cleaning and repair experts can prolong the life of your furnace, you should be alarmed by a furnace that needs constant repairs. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new furnace? The cost of repairing a furnace can easily surpass the cost of buying a new unit if you keep doing repairs.

Furnaces hardly break down without a warning. The above information discusses the most common furnace signs to look out for. If you pay attention to your heating bill, unusual noises, inconsistent heating, CO levels and no. of repairs, you won’t have problems knowing when your furnace needs attention.

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