Why Does Furnace Maintenance Matter?

Furnaces are great devices, because they help keep our homes and businesses warm during the winter months. But a furnace can become a real problem when it is not working correctly. Aside from the costs of furnace repair, there are some situations where a lack of furnace maintenance can become deadly. Here are some reasons why furnace maintenance matters so much.


Carbon Monoxide

By far the biggest danger of leaving your furnace without any maintenance for more than six months is the danger of it producing carbon monoxide. As you probably know, carbon monoxide is one of the deadliest gases in the world, and it is also completely undetectable by our senses. It does not have an odor, smell or taste, which means you could have no idea if there was carbon monoxide coming out of your furnace.

The best way to detect for carbon monoxide is with a dedicated detector set up in your home. But those detectors do not always work correctly, and the gas may already have come into contact with someone in the house by the time the detector’s alarm goes off. The only way to properly keep everyone in your house safe from carbon monoxide is by having your furnace maintained at least two times a year.

When the furnace’s combustion chamber has a crack in it, carbon monoxide can get produced. A similar result can happen if there is not enough airflow in the furnace, or when the gas pressure is incorrect. A lack of ventilation and the safety device on your furnace malfunctioning can also result in the production of carbon monoxide.

Higher Energy Bills

As you may have noticed, your energy bills tend to go up in the winter compared to the spring or fall months. Even though gas is not as expensive as electricity, the amounts can add up when you are heating up an entire home for 18 to 24 hours a day. And depending on how warm you like your home, you could have your gas furnace running close to 24 hours a day during the colder months of winter.

If your furnace is not properly maintained, it will not run as efficiently as it did in prime condition, which means you are using more gas and energy each time the furnace runs, which means higher energy bills at the end of the month. You may think furnace maintenance costs a lot, but the cost is nothing compared to the increase in energy bills you will experience.

Shorter Product Lifespan

As with any product in your house, if you are not paying proper attention to your furnace and keeping it clean and well maintained, it is going to stop working one day. And the day may come a lot sooner than you think if you are not getting the furnace checked by a professional at least a couple of times a year. You may be anxious to avoid paying for furnace maintenance every six months, but think about how much it would cost to get your old furnace replaced by a new one. Not only would you have to pay for the new furnace, but you would also pay for someone’s time as they remove your old furnace and install the new one. These expenses are the ones we do not consider, but they can become a reality if you have been ignoring your furnace for a couple of years.

Warranty Voided

Most furnaces come with a multi-year manufacturer’s warranty, but the warranty is voided if the appropriate maintenance is not done on the furnace. Check your warranty to see how much maintenance is required over a 12-month period to keep your warranty active.

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