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The goal of any expo is to provide everyone who is attending with something they would normally not experience. Whether it is a new innovation, a new way of providing services to customers, a demonstration on specific services, or a talk about the success a company has experienced over the past year, the expo is a place for everything that is new and interesting regarding the home service industry. Every type of company and service is covered, from plumbers to carpenters to furnace repair companies. Companies providing landscaping, home improvement, remodeling and cleaning services are also included.

The expo is split up into multiple days, in order to get everyone the face time with each other they are seeking. The goal for each day is a little bit different, and these separate themes also help provide focus to the entire expo. For instance, the first day will consist of presentations, demonstrations and product demos from the best residential service companies in the area. The second day is focused towards talking about how companies established themselves in their particular city or area. The talks will center more on the service provided, as opposed to new products or innovations, as companies look to learn more about how to connect with their customers and establish loyalty.

As the expo enters its third day, the topics will shift towards specific product and service presentations. These presentations revolve around the launch of new products, or upgraded items. While it may seem as though there is some overlap between the first and third day’s presentations, the third day is exclusively for new products that are going on the market, while the criteria for the first day is a little more open-ended. Social events will take place on the fourth day, along with a few key speakers who have prominent ties to the home services industry.

We encourage interested companies and product creators to contact us immediately if they wish to attend this year’s expo. While it is still early, getting registrations in as soon as possible can really help with the planning of the event. If you are interested in giving a presentation or a product demonstration on any of the days, simply include a brief description of your presentation and why you believe that others would benefit from hearing what you have to say. It is possible to contact our team through our website or over the phone.

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